Here2Stay is a collaborative initiative served by the agencies listed here.

Acknowledgement is given here to the strategic contribution of the founding partners of the Here2Stay initiative:

Bible Society Australia

Compassion Australia

Focus on the Family Australia

Scripture Union Australia

Willow Creek Australia

Tammy Tolman, Children’s Ministry Specialist, author and lead pastor.

The current National Leadership Team is made up of:

Adrian Blenkinsop:  One Hope Australia

Libby MacDonaldmax7.org

Brett Ryan: CEO, Focus on the Family Australia

Tammy Tolman: Children’s Ministry Specialist, author, performer and lead pastor

Terry Williams: Children’s & Family Ministry Specialist, Scripture Union Queensland and SU International

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If the Here2Stay strategy and resources have helped your church/organisation/denomination in the rethinking of the discipleship process, your financial support will help us to raise the funds necessary for a part time Website Curator to keep ‘your’ website current, resource rich and fuelling the journey. Thank you.

Note: SU Qld is generously hosting our website and managing our accounts so any donation will be received by them but held in the Here2Stay account.