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Children’s and Families Pastor shares how H2S has helped their ministry

Children’s and Families Pastor shares how H2S has helped their ministry

Tim Walter, Children’s and Family Pastor at Epping Church of Christ shares what is happening in his faith community  

I just wanted to update you on the Here 2 Stay principles that we are exploring at Epping Church of Christ. 3 weeks ago during the usual family value segment (kids spot) we utilised this time to talk about the issues facing the Australian Church and the haemorrhaging of young people that the Church experiences each year. The language was simple and easy to understand as all ages where in the service at this time.


The information session hit home with many in the service as their own children are statistics in that they have left the church themselves. The 10 pillars where listed and very briefly explained as where the personal journey hand outs where individuals could map there own development through the pillars. As the session was short (10 minutes) we needed to place this into a context so it was not overwhelming. This worked well as we had a Baptism that took place a week earlier, I was able to place the pillars over the baptism in which it almost ticked each box.


After the service there where a large number of conversations with parents and families all affirming the need for this strategy. At this point we are using it as a filter to see what gaps may show up within the generations that we are ministering to.


Here 2 stay is so important, and is an amazing gift to be able to find our weak points but it also helps us plan and think of ways to ensure our young people thrive in our Church community as we disciple them.

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